Logo marque of The Joint Mathematical Council of the United Kingdom

Our History

The JMC was incorporated as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation on 20 January 2017 by the Charity Commission for England and Wales. It is the successor body to the unincorporated Joint Mathematical Council of the United Kingdom which was founded on 11 July 1962 and first met on 9 January 1963 to “provide co-ordination between the Constituent Societies and generally to promote the advancement of mathematics and the improvement of the teaching of mathematics”. Following the transfer of activities and assets to the new body, the unincorporated JMC was dissolved on 17 August 2017.

Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education

The Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education was jointly established in January 2002 by the JMC and The Royal Society with the explicit backing of all major mathematics organisations and the support of the Department for Education, The Royal Society, the Wellcome Trust, the Gatsby Foundation and a range of other organisations across the STEM landscape. ACME was established to enable an effective and constructive partnership between Government and the mathematics community in England, with the aim of informing and advising the Department for Education in its drive to raise standards and promote mathematics at all levels in England.

In 2017 ACME was reconstituted and integrated into the committee structure of The Royal Society. The remit of ACME was extended to mathematics education across the whole of the United Kingdom. The link with the JMC is maintained as the Chair of the JMC is a member of the committee.

Past Officers

Past Chairs (from 2017)

2017 Professor Paul Glaister

Past Chairs (up to 2017)

2015  Professor Paul Glaister
2012  Professor Tim Rowland
2009  Professor Duncan Lawson
2006  Professor Rosamund Sutherland
2003  Professor Bernard Silverman FRS
1999  Professor Celia Hoyles
1995  Professor J Chris Robson
1991  Professor Margaret Brown
1988  Professor D G Crighton
1985  Professor R L E Schwarzenberger
1982  Professor C A Rogers FRS
1979  Professor George G Hall
1975  Professor H B Griffiths
1973  Professor S James Taylor
1969  Professor H Halberstam
1965  Professor Harry R Pitt FRS
1963  Professor Sir William Hodge FRS

Past Deputy Chairs (from 2017)

2018  Professor Alice Rogers

Past Secretaries (from 2017)

2017  Mr Peter Thomas

Honorary Secretaries (up to 2017)

2013  Mr Peter Thomas
2010  Mr Gerald Goodall
2006  Dr David Martin
2000  Dr Sue Sanders
1995  Graham Smart
1993  Ms Christine Hopkins
1986  Dr D M Kerslake
1981  Geoff T Wain
1979  Professor David Burghes
1973  Mr Hugh Neill
1968  Professor J V Armitage
1963  Professor J G Semple

Past Treasurers (from 2017)

2017  Dr Jennie Golding
2017  Dr Paul Harris

Honorary Treasurers (up to 2017)

2011  Dr Paul Harris
2001  Professor Adrian Oldknow
1998  Ann Kitchen
1993  Professor Derek Woodrow
1988  Professor W Derek Collins
1985  Professor Philip Holgate
1982  Professor Hugh Burkhardt
1977  Professor S James Taylor
1975  Professor J V Armitage
1971  Dr J A Todd
1963  Mr J T Combridge