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Andrew Noyes

Deputy Chair


Alice Rogers



Peter Thomas



Jennie Golding


Elected Trustees


Sally Barton
Heather Davis


Co-opted Trustees


Chris Chipperton
David Pritchard


Participating Bodies




Adults Learning Mathematics


Jeff Evans

Association of Mathematics Education Teachers


Helen Farmery

Association of Teachers of Mathematics


Heather Davis


British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics


Sue Gifford

British Society for the History of Mathematics


June Barrow-Green

Edinburgh Mathematical Society


David Pritchard


Heads of Departments of Mathematical Sciences


Jan van den Heuvel

Institute of Mathematics and its Applications


Chris Chipperton

London Mathematical Society


Kevin Houston


The Mathematical Association


Tom Roper

Mathematics in Education and Industry


Charlie Stripp

National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in Colleges


Sally Barton


National Association of Mathematics Advisers


Matt Lewis

National Numeracy


Derek Huby

NRICH (on behalf of the Millennium Mathematics Project)


Ems Lord


Operational Research Society


Evelyn Hardy

Royal Academy of Engineering


Muntazir Jaffer

Royal Statistical Society


Carole Haynes


Scottish Mathematical Council


Chris Pritchard

STEM Learning


Stephen Lyon

United Kingdom Mathematics Trust


Chris Budd


Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences


Sofya Lyakhova


Observing Bodies




Department for Education [England]


Alex Smith

Department of Education [Northern Ireland]


Julie Harris

Education Scotland


Stuart Cathro


National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics


Jane Imrie

Office for Standards in Education


Emma Gregory

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation


Janet Holloway


The Royal Society


Helen Harth

The Royal Society Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education


awaiting appointment

Scottish Qualifications Authority


Sue Pope


Welsh Government Education Directorate


John Mason


Co-opted Members

UK Representative, International Commission on Mathematical Instruction


Chris Budd

Immediate Past Chair


Paul Glaister



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The Joint Mathematical Council of the United Kingdom is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, Registered Charity Number: 1171223, Registered Office: De Morgan House, 57-58 Russell Square, London, WC1B 4HS.